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Waffenlager.net is a website dedicated to all weapons and ammunition, as well for those interested in their history, such as weapons collectors, shooting enthusiasts and hunters. The site contains information about the different types of firearms, cartridges, scopes and weapon accessories.

The second section of the site is history section for Heavy guns of World War II. Including eg. field cannons, howitzer, anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft guns, mortars, tanks and assault guns and ammunition used by them. English translation is under construction at the moment, many links goes to Finnish language page.


Latest articles


Blaser R8 Success Leather

The German weapon manufacturer Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH started manufacturing the Blaser R8 rifles in 2010. The Blaser R8 has quickly gained relatively high popularity among straight-pull rifles. In 2018, Blaser launched a new model, the R8 Success Leather, with a walnut log with a thumb hole, a leather-coated cheek pack and grip surfaces. » read more


Lange Pistole 08

Georg Luger designed the Parabellum pistol in the early 20th century and made three different models, the Army model Pistole P.08 (100mm barrel), the Navy model (150mm barrel) and the Artillery model, the Lange Pistole 08 (200mm barrel). In Finland, Lange Pistole 08, better known as Artillery Parabellum ... » read more


Blaser D99 Super Luxus

The German weapons manufacturer Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH started to manufacture combination guns in the late 1960s. The Blaser D99 drilling was launched in 1999. The present weapon has been fitted with a super bright Blaser Infinity 2.8-20x50 iC riflescope introduced in 2018... » read more


Lapua Naturalis (AirLock)

The Finnish cartridge manufacturer Lapua has been manufacturing lead-free Naturalis bullets since 2002. In 2015, the third generation of Naturalis bullets was introduced, which represents the latest technology in bullet manufacturing. In 2020, Lapua introduced hermetically sealed Naturalis AirLock cartridges. » read more


Blaser BD14

In 2014, the German hunting weapon manufacturer Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH introduced a new drilling, Blaser BD14. The Blaser BD14 Bockdrilling combination gun is designed for hunting. The BD14 has two rifle barrels and one shotgun barrel. The idea of BD14 is, one weapon for all hunting... » read more


Blaser R8 Black Edition + Blaser Infinity 4-20x58 iC

Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH started production of the Blaser R8 straight-pull in 2010 and it was presented at the IWA 2010 fair in Nuremberg. Numerous different versions of the R8 rifle have been made. Now featuring the Blaser R8 Black Edition (.223 Rem Match Fluted) with Blaser Infinity 4-20x58 iC riflescope ... » read more


Walther PP

In 1929, the German weapons factory Walther Waffenfabrik launched a Walther PP pocket pistol designed mainly for police use. The pistol, designed by Fritz Walther, represented a completely new design and was soon chosen for use by police in several European countries. It later became a service pistol of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe). » read more

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