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Leica Magnus 1.5-10x42i

General information

German Optics manufacturer Leica Camera AG introduced in 2016 a new Leica Magnus riflescope series. It was a second generation of Magnus riflescope. The Series included four Leica Magnus riflescopes, 1-6.3 x24, 1.5-10x42, 1.8-12x50, and Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 mainly for long range shooting. Riflescopes arrived to the markets in May-June 2016.

Leica Magnus 1.5-10x42iLeica Magnus 1.5-10x42i Zoom

Magnus 1.5-10x42i

Magnus 1.5-10x42i is a so-called general purpose riflescope that is very suitable for elk hunting and stalk hunting. The riflescope offers a relatively wide field of view at a minimum magnification of 26 meters, 100 meters away, so that the target can be found quickly. In the stalk hunting 10x magnification is sufficient for most hunting cases. Leica's so-called flagship series, Magnus-riflescopes are designed and manufactured In Germany.


The riflescopes is a 316 mm long, with 30 mm main tube with a sandblasted surface. The riflescope is waterproof and withstands water pressure up to 4 meters deep. The tube is filled with nitrogen gas. The riflescope models are available with a normal 30 mm tube mounts and the Zeiss internal track mounts.

Leica Magnus with Z-rail

The Lenses are coated with dirt and moisture-repellent AquaDuraTM lens coating, which allows with an excellent lens grinding approximately 91% light transmission. Riflescope adjustments are easy to use even with gloves in hand and in the dark. Adjusting riflescopes crosshair for 100 meters, one "click" is 1 cm.

For the Magnus-riflescope it is possible to have different types of illuminated crosshair, such as; Plex, Ballistic, L-3D, 4a ja CDi. In the middle of the reticle there is an illuminated red dot, which is automatically activated on the movement or alternatively with the control switch. The red dot turns off automatically in three minutes or if the weapon, to which the red dot aiming reticle is attached, is raised to more than 75 degrees, for example, the weapon is put on the back for transport. The illuminated red dot makes it easier to aim especially in the morning and dusk, in slightly worse light conditions. The brightness of the red dot In the center of the reticle is adjustable to 60 levels and the last brightness level can be saved.

Leica Camera AG

In 1914, Ernst Leitz founded a company called Leica Camera AG in Germany. The name Leica comes from the first three letters of the founder, "Leitz = Lei" and first two letters of the word “Camera = Ca”, namely Lei + CA = Leica.

During its long history, Leica has manufactured and manufactures still very high-quality cameras, riflescopes, laser rangefinders, microscopes and other optical devices. Today Leica Camera AG employs approximately 1 600 employees and its headquarter is in Wetzlar. » read more


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