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CZ 457 Varmint MTR test shooting


CZ 457 varmint MTR + Meopta Meopro 3.5-10x44 RD test shooting was conducted in February 23 2019, by three different shooters. The test shooting was carried out on the 100 meter outdoor range, using the Caldwell shooting rest. The weather for the test day was overcast -1 °C, wind 2-4 m/s. The CZ 457 varmint MTR Rifle test was submitted by the CZ-weapons importer, Aseliike Remes.


  • Cartridge 1: .17 HMR Hornady V-Max (1,1 g / 17 gr)
  • Cartridge 2: .17 HMR Winchester Varmint HV (1,1 g / 17 gr)
  • Cartridge 3: .17 HMR Federal V-Shok (1,1 g / 17 gr)
  • Cartridge 4: .17 HMR CCI FMJ (1,3 g / 20 gr)
  • Cartridge 5: .17 HMR CCI Gamepoint (1,3 g / 20 gr)
  • Cartridge 6: .17 HMR CCI V-Max (1,1 g / 17 gr)

CZ 457 Varmint MTR
CZ 457 Varmint MTR + Meopta Meopro (3,5-10x44 RD) + A-TEC CMM, Caldwell shooting rest

Test procedure

The test weapon and the ammunition functioned properly during the test. There were no misfires during the test. The test shots were executed by shooting three shots with each ammunition type. The muzzle velocity was measured with the Labradar projectiles velocity radar.

Test shooting – February 23, 2019

Weather: (-1 °C, 1011 hPA, 4 m/s, 99%)

  Cartridge Bullet Factory 1727F CZ 457 Min Max Avg
  (g) (m/s) (m/s) (m/s) (mm) (mm) (mm)
- Hornady V-Max 1,1 777 824-830 814-823 24,53 32,32 28,87
- Winchester HV 1,1 777 801-813 720-737 33,77 45,38 37,22
- Federal V-Shok 1,1 771 785-812 787-797 27,55 46,52 36,05
- CCI FMJ 1,3 724 711-722 716-723 7,67 27,81 19,42
- CCI Gamepoint 1,3 724 767-783 741-744 16,11 30,17 23,32
- CCI V-Max 1,1 777 814-823 793-801 17,67 33,11 25,56
*) CZ 457 varmint MTR barrel length 525 mm
*) Anschütz 1727F barrel length 558 mm

CZ 457 MTR
Best grouping: .17 HMR FMJ 1,3g (20gr)

Observations of the test results

On the basis of the test done using CZ 457 varmint MTR rifle .17 HMR barrel is best suited for CCI FMJ and CCI Gamepoint cartridges, with bullet weight slightly higher and muzzle velocity slightly lower compared to other test cartridges. The best grouping of the test was achieved with a CCI FMJ cartridge. The test groupings might have been slightly smaller, unless the constantly varying 2-4 m/s side wind would have hindered the test shooting.

Bullet muzzle velocity comparison

Anschütz Mod. 1727F rifle (table point 1727F) was used as a control weapon when measuring the muzzle velocities. Anschütz Mod 1727F rifle has a bit longer barrel than the CZ 457 rifle. With the CCI FMJ cartridge, the muzzle velocities were exactly the same. Winchester Varmint HV cartridge had the highest muzzle velocity deviation. With a slightly longer barrel, Anschütz's, muzzle velocities were about 60-70 m/s faster. As expected, when shooting a longer gun barrel with other ammunition, the speeds were approximately 10-20 m/s higher.

Interesting observations!

It was a little surprising, that the bullet muzzle velocities with the CZ 457 rifle were greater than the muzzle velocities announced by the factory. Winchester Varmint and CCI FMJ cartridges were exception.

It was also interesting that there were relatively large differences in the muzzle velocities of the bullets between the different cartridges. For example, with the CCI Gamepoint cartridge, the muzzle velocity of the second production batch was up to 35-40 m/s, from the corresponding cartridges of the second manufacturing batch. The cartridges in the second cartridge box had speeds of 741-744 m/s and a second box with cartridges of 728-771 m/s. Such deviations from the muzzle velocities will influence to any weapon accuracy.


It should always be remembered, that the result of the shooting test is specific for test weapon. The suitability of different manufacturers cartridges for the test weapon, has its own consequences (example bullet weight and shape, and output rate). The magnitude of the human impact also varies slightly from one shooting series to the next one, especially when shooter using weapons iron sights.

★ February 23, 2019 (✪ February 28, 2019)

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