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Latest articles #7


Blaser BD14

In 2014, the German hunting weapon manufacturer Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH introduced a new drilling, Blaser BD14. The Blaser BD14 Bockdrilling combination gun is designed for hunting. The BD14 has two rifle barrels and one shotgun barrel. The idea of BD14 is, one weapon for all hunting... » read more


Blaser BD14 test shooting

Blaser BD14 + Zeiss Victory V8 (2.8-20x56) was tested on three days with total of five different shooters. The tests were carried out a 100-meter shooting range, with using Caldwell shooting rest and Lapua ammunition. In addition, a test of 35 meters was carried out, shooting with iron sights, with all barrels... » read more


Lignose 'Einhand' Modell 3A

The German weapon manufacturer Theodor Bergmann Waffenfabrik started producing the Bergmann Einhand pocket pistol, apparently in 1919. The Bergmann Einhand pocket pistol cocking mechanism uses the patented system of Polish Witold Chylewski, which allows the weapon to be cocked by using exceptionally only one hand. The weapon was especially favored by the wounded veterans of the First World War ... » read more


CZ 457 Varmint MTR

The Czech weapon manufacturer Česká Zbrojovka (CZ) has developed the CZ 455 Rimfire rifle series in 2007- 08. In 2018, CZ introduced the updated CZ 457 Rimfire rifle concept, which replaced the old CZ 455 series in production. The first batch of CZ 457 Royal and Varmint MTR rifles arrived in the Finnish market on February 1st, 2019... » read more


CZ 457 Varmint MTR test shooting

CZ 457 Varmint MTR Rimfire rifle with Meopta Meopro (3.5-10x44 RD) riflescope, test shooting was conducted on February 23, 2019, on a 100 meter outdoor shooting range. The test was carried out with three shooters using six different ammunition. The purpose was to find the most suitable ammunition for the test weapon and find out the gun’s accuracy... » read more


Kahles Helia 27M1

The Austrian optics manufacturer Kahles Optische-Anstalt began manufacturing Kahles Helia 27 riflescope in 1926, with production continuing until the 1960s. The Riflescope represented the absolute top quality of this time. The Kahles Helia 27M1 is a lightweight and compact scope. Helia 27M1 had adjustable magnification between 2,3-7x... » read more


Dreyse M1907

The German gunsmith Louis Schmeisser designed a semi-automatic pocket pistol during 1905-1908. However, the pistol was named after Nikolaus von Dreyse, as Rheinische Metallwaren & maschinenfabrik AG (RM&M) had bought Dreyse (Waffenfabrik von Dreyse) in 1901. However, all the pistols produced were marketed under the Dreyse brand name... » read more


Purdey Express

The British weapons manufacturer James Purdey & Sons manufactures top-quality hunting guns, such as the Purdey Express double rifle. The basic model of the weapon was developed in 1852 by James Purdey Younger. The Purdey double rifle caliber .400 Light Nitro Express was once used in India, especially by tiger hunters. Interestingly, this excellent weapon model still being manufactured... » read more


Leica Geovid HD-B 3000

Leica Geovid HD-B 3000 was introduced in 2013 by German optical manufacturer Leica. In practice, this means a binocular with a laser rangefinder and ballistic counter combined. There are three different sizes available for Geovid binoculars, 8x42, 10x42 and 8x56... » read more


Leupold VX-5 HD (3-15x56)

US optical manufactured Leupold introduced in 2017, Leupold VX-5 HD (3.15x56mm) riflescope. It is a high-quality scope, with new brighter HD lenses... » read more

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